Front-end UI Development
Create or update your web app’s front-end/user interface (UI), or add/update features, making it responsive and accessible. 
We can work with popular platforms like Wordpress/Wix/Squarespace, or custom code in HTML/CSS/JS (can be within UI frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, Bootstrap, etc.)

E-Commerce for small businesses
Set up or update e-commerce storefront with your products and branding via Shopify/WooCommerce/Wix/etc.

Design system 
Establish a design system for your application with accessible, reusable, and responsive components. Check out my work on accessible design systems
Update brand to match current and accessible UI libraries such as Material design, iOS UI guidelines, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc. Your system can be made as library of image vectors (Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma) or coded for web/mobile components.

eLearning Courseware
Add or update your online courses on popular learning CMS like D2L Brightspace or Moodle.
MemorySparx app on different devices

Responsive screens of the MemorySparx app

Extend from Angular Material UI (or other popular UI kits/frameworks) for your app and/or brand purpose.

Typography guiden comparing iOS and Google Material typography to MemorySparx brand.

Extend your brand typography for web/mobile by using popular dynamic type systems.

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