Digital branding and visual design 
Create or refresh logos, typography, colours, and themes for apps. Update brand to match current and accessible UI trends such as Material design or iOS UI guidelines.
Establish a design system for your application and business. Making it easy to reuse your brand assets for different products and marketing mediums. This system can be made as library of image vectors or coded for web/mobile components. (Check out my work on the MemorySparx design system.)

E-Commerce for small businesses
Set up or update e-commerce storefront with your products and branding via Shopify/WooCommerce/Wix/etc.

Social media management
Keep your business relevant by setting up and maintaining an active social network and content strategy. 

MemorySparx App screens on different devices

Custom and responsive web branding/skinning across different devices.

Gif of MemorySparx component library

Consistency across your branding materials with a design system, component library, and/or style guides.

Custom posts for your social feed for as little as $50.

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