Jnetix Designs is my practice for UX/UI design and development based in the schnitzel-filled cities of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I’m on a mission to build inclusive and accessible tech. 

My experience spans across both large companies and very small startups, doing a breadth of work from Product to Development to QA — with my main passion in accessibility design. (Ok, let’s be honest, the other passions are food🍟 and cute doggos.🐶)

My creative and technical experiences have enabled me to:
►  Design a content management system that empowers people with dementia to live independently
►  Construct accessible eLearning courses that are engaging for both professionals and students
►  ​​​​​​​Build an app to simplify mobile security with a swing of an arm
►  ​​​​​​​Always meet the quality expected by my clients and users

Check out my portfolio at jnetix.design!
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